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How to Sign In as a Parent

To sign in to your parent account, you will need to first download the Acellus app.

Supported Device Types:

  • Windows PC
  • Mac
  • iOS devices (e.g. iPhone / iPad)
  • Android devices
  • Amazon KindleFire

Once the app has been installed, select “Parent/Teacher Sign-In.”

A Goldkey sign-in window will pop open. Select “Add a GoldKey to this Computer.”

Enter the email address used to subscribe to Power Homeschool.

Choose a unique password and select “OK.”

Next, you’ll verify your account. You can verify your account by phone, choosing text or voice call.  Make sure you use the phone number that you used to create your parent account. (Additional verification options my vary depending on how the account was originally set up.)

Once you verify your parent account, you will be able to sign into the Acellus parent interface.