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Going to college with multiple scholarships

Kristina T. (Texas)
Affiliation: Parent

With Power Homeschool, my daughter graduated early and is going to college with multiple scholarships.

Acellus has been a Game Changer…

Lindsey W.
Credit: Facebook Power Homeschool Support Group

I feel compelled to say that Acellus has been a game changer for us as a family. My children love it. We have been homeschooling for over 3 years and have tried several other curriculums.

Using Acellus has inspired both of my kids to take responsibility for their own education. They are both striving to do more and more for themselves.

They are testing above grade level and Acellus has renewed their interests perfectly! Thank you for providing such an amazing curriculum at an affordable price!

We are loving the program

By Billie G.
Credit: Facebook Power Homeschool Support Group

This is our first year homeschooling our 9th grader and we are loving the program. He is a visual learner as well and is doing great with PH. He currently has a 4.00 gpa. He was a B C student while in public school.

Please consider trying!

By Jerri T. (Florida)
Affiliation: Parent

Two years ago, a friend of mine told me about this affordable online program for my homeschoolers.  I was hesitant at first because of we have never used an online source before for all of our homeschool needs. My sons (last year 5th grade & 8th grade) loved Acellus. The program allows YOU the parent, to see what they are learning as they engage in video lessons and questions. It allows them to take notes if need be and work at their own pace. The program shows both the student and the parent, progress of how may assignments left in that week and also progress on what they have learned. You can hit pause on the video lessons without having to feel like you missed something.

Since December 2017, they started sending out monthly activity reports showing exactly what subjects your child completed and how long, including grade. If you are looking for a sufficient online homeschool program, that is so affordable, Acellus Homeschool aka Power Homeschool is what you want. Power Homeschool periodically updates the program to better suit the needs of students and parents which makes it even better! Please consider trying!

The right fit for our homeschool

By Debbie C. (Oakland, CA)
Affiliation: Parent

After three years of homeschooling my son, we have gone through so many different curriculums to find the right fit… The way this program teaches and goes over the subject again if it was not understood is amazing! My son’s reading comprehension was way below average. I now read the stories to him in the ninth grade Language Arts class, and there are many lessons on the one story. By the time he is done with the story, he comprehends it one hundred percent. I want to thank you so much for making this affordable and having the most wonderful teachers! This is such an amazing program for kids that have physical disabilities, learning disabilities, or even just want to learn more at home. WE FOUND THE PERFECT FIT!!

Changed our homeschooling lives!

By Genette R. (Palm Beach County, FL)
Affiliation: Parent

My daughter has ADHD and some reading comprehension struggles. Typical “textbook” style curriculum drains our brains and enthusiasm. After finding Acellus, not only is she ENJOYING learning, but she is actually learning so much! How do I know? Because my 14yo is talking to us at the dinner table about American History, and in the kitchen she is explaining Physical Science, and she is reading Shakespeare because it is cool! We are so impressed!!

As her mother and teacher, I believe the great difference with Acellus is the delivery. She is learning to take notes, which is incredibly important to success in higher education, especially for an auditory learner! The lectures are clear and concise AND interesting. I also think that Acellus has encouraged her to be more independent in her learning and placed a level of responsibility for her own success on her shoulders that she didn’t fully embrace before because she was often overwhelmed with the magnitude of the tasks ahead of her. Overall, I am observing that Acellus has a systematic and organized approach of moving the student forward without overwhelming them, and that is a feature that is beneficial to my daughter.

Helping students with special learning needs

By Anna F. (Tennessee)
Affiliation: Parent

My daughter Amber, 12 years old and going into 7th grade this year, loves the Acellus program. She has learned so much through your program. The way the program is set up allows her to watch a video as many times as needed to grasp what the lesson is about – without feeling pressured to rush or finish. Her grades have improved to A’s and B’s, including her language and reading scores. She has Dyslexia and has always struggled in subjects that contain a lot of reading. Through Acellus she has learned to love reading and now enjoys reading just for fun. I have recommended Acellus and have helped several families find Acellus. Also, my son Dustin who has Asperger Syndrome was able to finish his senior year and he received his diploma in February. This was something we were told would never happen.

Making learning enjoyable again

By Tracy P. (South Carolina)
Affiliation: Parent

My son has really enjoyed Acellus. And that is saying a lot, he has always been my child who doesn’t like school. Thank you again.

Helped my son grow academically

By Andrea S. (Kansas City, MO)
Affiliation: Parent

The Acellus Program helped my son grow academically for the remainder of the school year. He went from failing grades to 80’s and 90’s because he was able to take his time doing the class work… Most importantly I will recommend this program to others. Acellus is an amazing program and I am 100% satisfied.