K-12 Online Homeschool Courses

Power Homeschool Services offers parents effective video lessons and interactive course materials to keep your students engaged at all ages.  Courses teach students the core subjects of mathematics, language arts and reading, science, and social studies as well as electives and health lessons.

The lessons offered through Power Homeschool Services are taught by some of the best teachers in the country and are used in thousands of public and private schools.  These comprehensive courses from kindergarten to twelfth grade are a great tool to assist you in homeschooling your students.

Learn more about curriculum provided by Power Homeschool Services by browsing our course list:

Online Courses by Acellus

Elementary School Courses

Power Homeschool’s elementary courses are for kindergarten to fifth grade students. You can select up to seven courses for your student, such as mathematics, language arts and reading, science, social studies, and electives.

Middle School Courses

Power Homeschool’s middle school curriculum is for sixth to eighth grade students. Courses become more complex than elementary, and foreign language classes are available.

Professional courses designed to prepare students for STEM-related careers

Help your student excel with online courses from Power Homeschool.