If your child has a disability, you may want to provide additional support for their educational needs through homeschooling. With a carefully crafted curriculum and Acellus® courses from Power Homeschool, you can join thousands of parents who want to help their child with special needs thrive in an academic setting.

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Why Consider Homeschooling Students With Special Needs?

If you feel that your child with special needs could be more successful with one-on-one instruction and advanced technology in the classroom, you may want to consider enrolling them in a homeschooling program.

Students who have been diagnosed with autism, Down syndrome, anxiety, a sensory disorder, a physical disability or another disorder may benefit from an online homeschool curriculum in several ways. One advantage of this schooling is that it allows them to learn in a comfortable space where their environment meets their specific needs. For example, a child with a sensory disorder may learn best in their quiet, dimly lit living room.

Homeschooling also provides the specific support needed for varying skill sets. Students can learn at their own pace, whether they advance faster in certain subjects or need more in-depth instruction. This education method’s flexibility is a major draw, too, as your child can take breaks as needed.

What Makes Acellus Courses So Effective


Prism Diagnostics®

Prism Diagnostics® identifies specific deficiencies in students’ understanding of core concepts and responds immediately with Customized Personal Instruction (CPI) videos for that precise deficit. The result is that every student receives personalized instruction – right at the moment when they need it most.


Vectored Instruction™

Vectored Instruction™ enables students to master foundational skills they are missing that are prerequisites to success in their current course of study. Vectored Instruction fills in the gaps while keeping students within their credit-level course, enabling them to complete their coursework with passing grades and get on track for graduation.

Best Homeschool Curriculum for Learning Disabilities

Here at Power Homeschool, our mission is to help parents independently homeschool their children — while enjoying the best experience possible. With our homeschool curriculum, students with special needs can take advantage of benefits such as:

  • Personalized learning experience: Our high-quality curriculum features professionally filmed video lessons and is designed to meet students where they are.
  • Ability to learn at their own pace: The Power Homeschool curriculum makes it possible for students to learn at their own pace — and on their own schedule.
  • Access to additional videos and resources: Your student will benefit from innovative tools, like Vectored Instruction™ and Prism Diagnostics®, that fill in learning gaps and provide extra instructional videos for concepts they may struggle with.

Benefits of Our Homeschooling Curriculum for Special Needs Students

The Power Homeschool curriculum customizes learning, providing the ability to support the special needs of students with disabilities while also motivating them and pushing them to succeed in their studies. We understand that some students may learn better visually, while others may be auditory or kinesthetic learners, so our program is flexible enough to accommodate various learning styles.

This flexibility is helpful when your child needs to attend doctor’s appointments, as they can fit in lessons where they can without disrupting their school schedule. Also, because our curriculum doesn’t require a contract, you’ll be able to cancel at any time, giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

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