Online Homeschool Curriculum for Middle School Students

Power Homeschool offers middle school courses to help homeschool parents prepare their students for the rigor of high school curriculum. Choose up to seven video-based courses from a full range of subjects including mathematics, reading, language arts, science, history and social studies, as well as emotional and physical health.  Foreign language courses: German, French, and Spanish, are also available.

The courses are self-paced and customize to the needs of the student.  Students will move quickly through areas they are confident in, and receive extra instruction and practice to master material that is difficult for them.

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Acellus Middle School Math
Acellus Electronics and Coding Lesson
Acellus English Lesson
Order of Operations - Acellus Math
Acellus Health Lesson
Acellus Ancient Civilizations - Geography
Acellus French 1 Lesson

Middle School Course Curriculum

Power Homeschool’s middle school curriculum is for sixth to eighth grade students. Students may take up to 7 courses simultaneously.

Remedial Courses

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