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2022 Educational Website Awards Winner

Power Homeschool was named a top educational website in the categories of Multiple Subject, All-in-one Curriculum, Spelling and Vocabulary, High School Math, Foreign Language Full Course, Science, STEM/STEAM, and History and Social Studies by Homeschool.com.  Read More

Practical Homeschooling® i-Learn Awards

Power Homeschool was awarded the Honorable Mention in the Elementary Complete Curriculum category of the Practical Homeschooling® i-Learn Awards for 2022, a prestigious in the homeschool world for interactive curriculum.  Read More

Across cultural lines, home schooling has boomed since COVID-19 hit


“Home-schooling organizations, support groups and online forums can point interested parents to curriculum programs for home-schoolers. Popular packages include Power Homeschool…” Read More

Top 100 Educational Resources in 2021


Power Homeschool is named a top educational resource in the categories of Language Arts, Math, Complete All-in-one Homeschool Curriculum, and History and Geography.  Read More

Home-schooling tips for all you millions of suddenly home-schooling newbies


…My daughter is already on an online video-based curriculum for her regular subjects. (It’s called Power Homeschool and it’s fantastic.) Read More

The Top 100 Educational Resources in 2020!


Power Homeschool is named a top educational resource in the categories of Complete All-in-one Homeschool Curriculum, History and Geography, Language Arts, and Math. Read More

20 Questions To Help Decide What’s Best For Your Kids (And You) This School Year


Power Homeschool Services is recommended as a homeschool curricula “in a box” to replace, supplement, or support public school learning. Read More

Review of Power Homeschool (Acellus)


Power Homeschool courses have done a nice job coupling video lessons presented by excellent teachers with online student responses to ensure learning. Read More

Road-tested homeschool tips for people who never planned to homeschool


Power Homeschool is featured as a recommended resource for parents that are homeschooling for the first time. Read More


Top 100 Homeschooling Educational Websites and Resources for 2019


Power Homeschool is named a top homeschooling resource in the categories of Multiple Subjects / Online Homeschooling and Science Homeschooling Resources. Read More