The Student Experience

Power Homeschool delivers courses to students through the Acellus Learning System. Each student is assigned an Acellus ID and password. After signing in, each student may select a class from their list and get started. The system will take them right to their current position in the course they have been enrolled in, and will automatically mark their attendance for the class.

Students can see their progress and score for each class. Students access courses via the web, allowing them to work wherever they have Internet access.

Acellus Laptop & Ipad

Student Interface

Select Class

Student Dashboard

Each student is provided with a user name and password. From the dashboard, the student may select a class to work in. Once the student selects a class, they are immediately taken to their current position within the course.

Video Lesson

Video-based Lessons

Each lesson begins with a short video lesson taught by a teacher who is an expert in their field. This video-based instruction allows students to learn independently, which can greatly leverage the time of a parent.

Practice Problems

Immediately after a video lesson, students receive practice problems to apply the concept presented in the lesson. Acellus requires students to master the concept before moving to the next lesson.

Extra Help

Extra Help Videos

For students who did not grasp the concept after watching the initial video lesson, additional more in-depth videos are available for each lesson.


Reviews & Exams

At the conclusion of each unit, students take a review which is followed by an exam. During the review, students have the opportunity to review videos from lessons within the unit.


Goals & Progress

Parents may specify weekly goals to help students stay on-pace with completing each course. Students may review their progress toward meeting these goals within the student interface.

Why Students Love Power Homeschool

Courses Taught by America’s Greatest Teachers

Courses feature some of America’s greatest teachers who have expertise in conveying knowledge — even “hard to grasp” concepts, through video instruction. Through the combination of excellent instruction and immediate feedback, students are quickly able to start experiencing success within their coursework.

Acellus Tablets

Effective Help Videos

Special help videos are integrated into the course content for concepts students have difficulty with. These videos not only help the student master the content, but provide the student with “real world” scenarios, creating a meaningful context for obscure concepts.

SAMPLE HELP VIDEO: Understanding Probability