Elementary Summer Reading Program

Ignite your child’s reading potential this summer with the online Acellus® Reading Program and set them up for success in the next school year!

Reading Success

Has your child faced challenges in mastering reading? Do you want to strengthen your child’s reading skills to ensure their success in the upcoming school year?  Look no further – we have the perfect solution for you!

Acellus® Reading

Introducing our Elementary Summer Reading Program, designed specifically to empower children with effective reading techniques. Whether your child has been facing difficulties in mastering reading or you simply want to give them an extra boost, this program is tailored to meet their needs.

Bridge the Pandemic Learning Gap

Empower and support young readers impacted by the challenges of the pandemic through the online Acellus® summer reading program. Designed to provide comprehensive support and tailored interventions, we are dedicated to bridging the learning gap, fostering academic success, and unlocking the full potential of every child’s reading journey.

“More Than 1 in 3 Children Who Started School in the Pandemic Need ‘Intensive’ Reading Help”

– Education Week

Study from over 400,000 students in kindergarten through 5th grades.

What Makes Acellus® Reading Courses So Effective?

To support the needs of your elementary students, our reading program offers several innovative features, such as: 

Prism Diagnostics

Because all students have unique needs, we specialize in Customized Personal Instruction (CPI) videos. Our Prism Diagnostics® tool will recognize when students need help understanding core concepts and provide personalized instruction — right at the moment when they need it most. 

Vectored Instruction™

If students have any gaps in their learning, Vectored Instruction™ will help fill them. This tool enables students to master foundational skills they didn’t understand or may have forgotten so that they are better prepared for more advanced coursework and graduation.

 Our online summer program for elementary students also incorporates:

Interactive Memorization Drills
Help Videos
Engaging Online Books
Practice Problems
Reviews and Exams
Interactive Spelling Drills

Engaging Video Lessons that Bring Each Subject to Life

Engaging Video Lessons that Bring Each Subject to Life

Acellus® courses are professionally filmed into online coursework to spark the interest of each student for any given subject. Acellus® works with some of the most qualified teachers in the country to create engaging footage to make this online curriculum relevant for students.

These captivating videos, combined with talented teachers and interactive course materials, provide an online school experience that inspires a love for learning.

What Are Other Parents Saying?

“I cannot express enough gratitude for this program. With the disruptions caused by the Covid pandemic, my child was falling behind in school and struggling to catch up. That’s when we found Power Homeschool, and it has been an absolute godsend for our family. It offers the perfect blend of academic support, flexibility, and convenience. Thank you to the dedicated team behind this program for providing a lifeline to families like ours.” – Michelle G.

“Power Homeschool’s Reading program has made a huge impact on our family. My child is in elementary and is an advanced reader. The self-paced format allowed them work on advanced concepts at their own speed, while not having to pay hefty sums for a private tutor. Going into the new school year we can see that this has boosted her scores and now she absolutely loves learning. This program has done so much for my kids, thank you!” – Melissa K.

The Benefits of Choosing Power Homeschool

When you trust Power Homeschool for your child’s online elementary summer school program, you can take advantage of:


  • Flexible SchedulingThe program is self-paced, so students can spend as much time on a concept as they need until they fully grasp it. The program is also based on your schedule, making it possible to control when your child works on the lessons.
  • Accessible ProgramAs long as you have a strong internet connection, your child will be able to access their program from anywhere in the world. 
  • Affordable PriceInstead of having to pay hourly, which is normal for elementary tutoring, you can take advantage of our program for a reasonable monthly fee.

Enroll in Our Online Elementary Summer School Reading Program Today

If you are ready to help your child succeed, Power Homeschool has made it easier than ever for you to get started. Start by creating an account with information like your email address and name, then choose either the Foundational Reading (K-2) or Basic Reading (3-5) summer reading course. From there, you can sign into the parent interface to easily manage your student’s classes. 

With our quick process, you can enroll your child in just 5 to 10 minutes. Sign up today to start our helpful program for your elementary student!

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