Language Arts

Homeschool your Student with Self-Paced Acellus® Language Arts Courses


Language Arts

Homeschool your Student with Self-Paced Acellus® Language Arts Courses



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Language Arts Homeschool Curriculum

Language arts is a critical subject area for enhancing your student’s communication skills, analytical thinking, self-expression and creativity. These skills are essential beyond the teaching and learning environment and will help your child become a successful member of society.

Power Homeschool offers a language arts homeschool curriculum that helps sharpen your student’s writing, reading and speaking abilities.

Our Language Arts Homeschool Curriculum

Power Homeschool is an official provider of online Acellus® courses. We offer parents exceptional independent homeschooling support and various language arts courses for pre-K to 12th grade students. Whether your child is in preschool, elementary school, middle school, or high school, they will benefit from our video-based lessons, engaging practice challenges, supplemental materials, e-books, retention drills and assessments that fine-tune their language skills.
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Homeschool Writing Curriculum

Our curriculum develops your student’s writing skills over time. Depending on their grade and proficiency level, we develop basic skills at sentence structure and grammar level and work up to more complex abilities at paragraph and essay level.

Power Homeschool’s professional, engaging videos teach students how to write and help them put these learnings into practice with hands-on exercises. In addition, we use the Acellus Writing Tutor® throughout our courses. This tool tutors students while they write, giving instant feedback on spelling, grammar, vocabulary and writing style.

Homeschool Reading Curriculum

Our reading curriculum sharpens your student’s ability to read, analyze and understand information, benefiting them in all their subjects and courses. We focus on fluency, comprehension, vocabulary building, and spelling and writing skill improvement.
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Homeschool Literature Curriculum

Power Homeschool’s literature-based learning uses your student’s natural curiosity and enjoyment of stories to sharpen valuable critical thinking, analysis and comprehension skills. Our engaging videos inspire students to read literature and analyze aspects appropriate for their developmental level.

What Makes Acellus Courses So Effective



Prism Diagnostics® identifies specific deficiencies in students’ understanding of core concepts and responds immediately with Customized Personal Instruction (CPI) videos for that precise deficit. The result is that every student receives personalized instruction – right at the moment when they need it most.


Vectored Instruction™

Vectored Instruction™ enables students to master foundational skills they are missing that are prerequisites to success in their current course of study. Vectored Instruction fills in the gaps while keeping students within their credit-level course, enabling them to complete their coursework with passing grades and get on track for graduation.

Benefits of Our Homeschool English Curriculum

Language arts courses have multiple benefits, whether your child is in elementary, middle or high school. Some advantages include:

  • Enhanced communication: Our language arts curriculum helps students become more effective communicators by sharpening their listening, speaking, writing and reading skills. Your child will learn to express themselves clearly, understand information and interact with others.
  • Improved critical thinking: Your student will hone their critical thinking to evaluate texts, consider sources and opinions, and draw conclusions from information they encounter. Language arts courses sharpen analytical and independent thinking by developing reasoning, comprehension and vocabulary skills.
  • Boosted creativity: These courses enable your child to explore their creativity. Writing assignments and creative projects can inspire out-of-the-box thinking, and reading different literature and stories can spark curiosity and imagination that may develop creativity and innovation further.
  • Increased productivity: Our language arts courses can teach your student to express themselves more effectively. Communicating concisely and clearly will also help your child be more productive during writing, speaking and reading assignments.
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