Mid-Year Homeschool Programs

Are you interested in changing online homeschool programs or switching to homeschooling mid-year? At Power Homeschool, students can start at any time, work at their own pace and finish on time.


Switch Homeschool Programs Mid-Year

Are you looking to change online homeschool programs mid-year? At Power Homeschool, students can start at anytime, work at their own pace and finish on time.


With Power Homeschool, is it really possible for my student who is switching mid-year, to finish in time for the new school year?

Over 99% of Power Homeschool Parents answered yes!*

*Poll from Power Homeschool’s Official Parent Support Group





Can I Start Homeschooling in the Middle of the Year?

With Power Homeschool, it’s possible to start homeschooling mid-year. Our Acellus® courses are flexible for both parents and students and make it easy for your child to work at their own pace and still finish on time.

These courses are customized to each student and where they are academically. If your student understands the video-based lessons well, the system will help them advance in those subjects. Or, if they are struggling to understand a certain concept, the system will provide extra instruction and practice to help them fully master the areas where they need assistance.

What Power Homeschool Parents are Saying!

Sarah B.

“When we started years ago, my child needed to redo the grade they were currently in. We started over in May and finished in less than four months in August.”

Brigitte F.

“We first started in the beginning of the year and I had my kids do the curriculum from the start. I just let them work at their own pace and the topics that they were familiar with they knocked out quickly. You may be surprised how many details they may have missed the first time around or how many details the school teacher may have chosen to skip to accommodate a class of two dozen students. That’s one of the huge advantages to homeschool, it’s all at your own pace.”

Felicia J.

“We started January of last year and completed the entire year by June. It’s a lot more fun this year not moving that fast but it’s definitely possible and my kiddos did retain it based on the CAT test they took.”

CarolAnn L.

“My kiddo started after Thanksgiving last year and finished a years worth by middle of March.”

T.K. W.

“My daughter is 13 and doing freshman work and doing it a lot quicker than the regular school year. She’ll be finished with all by two classes in January and she just started in mid August.”

Advanced Technology for Customized Learning

Starting our homeschool program mid-year is possible with the advanced technology in all of our Acellus® courses that support each student where they’re at. Some of the tools that parents and students can take advantage of include: 



Prism Diagnostics® is an innovative tool that enables our system to find any holes or deficiencies in your child’s understanding of core concepts. Once the tool locates these areas, it will respond by sharing Customized Personal Instruction (CPI) videos based on what the student is struggling with. Through Prism Diagnostics®, students gain the personalized instruction they need to master concepts and advance academically.


Vectored Instruction™

Vectored Instruction™ is designed to fill any gaps students may have in their foundational skills. If your child forgot or never fully understood a concept from past grades that is a prerequisite for their current course, this tool will help them master it and be able to advance. By teaching students the skills required for future courses, Vectored Instruction™ enables them to succeed in more advanced classes and get on track for graduation.

How to Enroll Your Student Mid-Year

If you want to start homeschooling your student in the middle of the year, you can use our quick and simple process to get started. Here’s how it works:

    Step 1 – Create your account

    Completing the enrollment process only takes a few minutes. Once you create your account and your student has been enrolled, they can begin working on their courses right away.

    Step 2 – Sign into the Parent Account

    After enrolling your child, you will want to sign into your Parent Account using the Acellus App. When setting up this account, use the same email address you used when enrolling your child.

    Step 3 – Customize the Weekly Goal

    In your Parent Account, you can customize your weekly goals for when your child will complete each course. You will also have access to your student’s progress, grades and activity.

    Now you’re set! Just be sure to check throughout the school year to make sure that your student is meeting the goals you have set. Through the Parent Account you can see your students progress, grades and activity all in real time.

    Complete PreK-12 Online Homeschool Program with Over 400 Engaging Courses!

    See Sample Lesson Videos:

    Complete PreK-12 Online Homeschool Program with Over 400 Engaging Courses!

    See Sample Lesson Videos:

    Best Available Curriculum

    Power Homeschool provides online Acellus® courses to parent-homeschooled students.  The video-based lessons provide cutting-edge technology to accelerate learning and motivate students.

    Choose from over 400 courses:

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    At Power Homeschool, we can help you switch to our homeschooling program at any point, even if it’s the middle of the school year. With our high-quality video-based lessons and personalized support, we aim to help your student succeed and stay on track with their studies so that they graduate on time.

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