ELL Students

Homeschool Program for English Language Learning Students


ELL students

Homeschool Program for English Language Learning Students


Homeschool Program for English Language Learning Students

If your child is an English Language Learner (ELL), you need a homeschool curriculum that offers comprehensive language development. It should address skills like listening, speaking, reading and writing. Enrolling them in a traditional classroom could leave them feeling lost. A quality bilingual homeschool curriculum will often provide additional language support services, such as robust English as a Second Language (ESL) classes. 

Power Homeschool’s English language learner curriculum offers a range of resources for ELL students, encouraging parental involvement and providing resources to support your child’s English language learning at home. We leverage state-of-the-art technology to ensure all the foundations are in place for your child to learn at their pace while they master the basics. 

How Power Homeschool Supports ESL Homeschool Students

Power Homeschool offers a predominantly English homeschool curriculum, but for students whose native language is Spanish, we offer ESL (English as a Second Language) courses for a smooth transition to the rest of our courses. While not strictly a bilingual homeschool program, our program equips ELL students with the tools they need to succeed. We understand that every child progresses differently, and some students may need more time to learn a second language than others.

We’ve designed our ESL homeschool curriculum to give students the foundation to benefit from hundreds of other courses while becoming more proficient in English. Power Homeschool provides students with the following benefits.

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Professional Video Instruction and Flexible Course Pace

Power Homeschool’s video-based lessons allow students to make strides at their preferred speed. Our ESL course allows students to take their time learning language basics by rewatching lessons as often as necessary. Each video will include visual cues, enabling them to quickly identify and use words in the correct context. They give children multiple opportunities to assimilate the coursework through pictures, music and text, appealing to different learning styles.

Our online ESL curriculum caters to students learning at any rate. If your child finds a lesson easy, they can complete it and move on to something more challenging. They can revisit the lesson if they need more time to grasp a concept.

Acellus® Writing Tutor

The Acellus® Writing Tutor is an innovative way to familiarize your student with the correct use of the English language. It tutors students as they write, giving them real-time spelling, grammar and style feedback. Instead of working as an automatic spell checker, it flags words for your child. They must look terms up in the dictionary to understand the meaning and correct their spelling.

The vocabulary option is particularly valuable for ESL students. It provides them with compelling synonyms for commonly used words. Over time, their facility and comfort with their second language will grow alongside their vocabulary.

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Prism Diagnostics® identifies specific deficiencies in students’ understanding of core concepts and immediately responds with corrective videos. The result is that every student receives personalized instruction when they need it most.


Vectored Instruction™

Vectored Instruction™ enables students to master foundational prerequisites to success in their current course of study. It fills in the gaps while keeping students within their credit-level course, enabling them to complete their coursework with passing grades and get on track for graduation.

These tools create the perfect curriculum for ELL students. They identify focus areas and provide the tools they need to correct deficits. With Vectored Instruction™, students can progress with their chosen courses while acquiring foundational language skills. 

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Our Course Offerings

With hundreds of Acellus® courses, you can personalize your child’s homeschool curriculum to achieve their language and other academic goals. Acellus® Discover English courses help students become fluent in English as a second language. No matter their home languages or current level of English, they will benefit from the courses’ focus on everyday English pronunciation, syntax and vocabulary. 

As they better understand the fundamentals of English, students can also maintain their education in mathematics, language arts and reading, science, history, social studies and a range of elective courses from engineering to music. 


Acellus® is a leader in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. We provide practical and engaging math courses full of interactive material and real-life application of mathematical ideas. If your child finds a math concept challenging, we provide additional instruction and practice as needed. They can pause their lesson whenever they need to check an English word as they work through the material. 


Power Homeschool offers several online science classes for every grade level.

Earth science

This curriculum covers life on this planet and beyond. Students will learn about our world, the weather and the universe. They develop investigative and critical thinking skills and leverage technology to understand the digital age.

Life science

In middle school, students can cover every aspect of life on Earth, from humans to plants. This course lays the foundation for high school biology. 

Physical science

Students will start with simple concepts and progress to the scientific discoveries of many famous historical figures, from Isaac Newton to Albert Einstein.

Environmental science

Students will learn more about humans’ role on this planet, including current events.

Language Arts

As your child learns English fundamentals, they can enhance their communication skills with our language arts online homeschool curriculum, designed to sharpen their reading, writing and speaking.


  • Writing: Your child will develop writing skills with professional, engaging videos and hands-on exercises.
  • Reading: There are no reading skills requirements to start taking our language arts or reading courses.The Acellus® reading course will improve your child’s ability to read and understand information in English, focusing on fluency, comprehension and vocabulary building.
  • Literature: This course will engage your child’s natural love of stories, inspiring them to read English literature. They will learn to analyze these stories based on their developmental level.
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Help Your Student Excel With Our Online Homeschool Program

Help your child become proficient in English and keep them engaged in their coursework with Power Homeschool. We give you the flexibility to choose from hundreds of Acellus® courses your child can do at their speed and on your ideal schedule. We empower parents to provide the highest possible quality homeschooling education.

Every quest for knowledge is unique, and our leading online homeschooling platform enriches each child, allowing them to learn at their ideal pace. As a Power Homeschool parent, you have access to the latest technology and resources to support you as your child achieves English fluency. No matter your child’s current level, you can find a course that enhances their understanding without compromising their studies in other areas.

You can start your child’s English journey with courses like Discover English, or work through a range of Language Arts and Reading courses. You also have complete control over grade selection, so you can place your child at the level they need and adjust as they grow and change.

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