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Writing Tutor Assignments

SupportWriting Tutor AssignmentsVideo: Acellus® Writing Tutor OverviewThe Acellus® Writing Tutor feature is incorporated into student assessments to provide practice...

Student Orientation

SupportStudent OrientationWhen you first sign into the student's account, you will see Student Orientation listed under "Select a Class to Begin." Once you have watched...

Signing into the Student Account

SupportSigning into the Student AccountTo sign in you will need the students 10-digit Acellus ID and Password. This information will be sent to you via email after you...

Setting up Easy Student Sign In

SupportSetting up Easy Student Sign InYou can create a more simple ID and Password that will be easier for the student to remember by setting up an Easy Student Sign...

Rewatching Videos

Step by step tutorial on rewatching videos from the Power Homeschool student interface.

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