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Tech Support

Device Requirements

We recommend the following minimum specifications for accessing Power Homeschool courses.






OSWindows 10, 11macOS 11.0 or higheriOS 10 or higher8.0 (Oreo) or higherChromebooks that support Android Apps
Acellus AppChrome
Android Built-in Browser
Acellus App

Note: An Internet connection is required. We recommend a download speed of at least 2 Mbps. A faster connection may be needed if multiple students will be signed in at the same time.

Trouble Shooting – Student Interface

Exam Recovery Mode

When a student does not score well on an exam, the system is able to identify the students need for help on specific concepts that they were taught in a course. Students need the ability to review this material to better understand the concept. They need the right intervention without becoming discouraged.

We have taken a new technique to help students ‘recover’ their exam score that will transform how students respond to failed exams. When a student fails an exam, they begin a feature called ‘Exam Recovery’. Once in Exam Recovery, students will be presented with each of the questions they missed on an exam – including the incorrect answer they entered. They will then be given another chance to re do these problems again. If students are not able to answer the questions, they are shown a supplemental video on the topic that will help them review the concept. Once all the problems a student missed on an exam are re-worked, they are given a second change to take the exam and raise their score.

Tutor Mode - No Score on exam after clicking retake for extra credit

In Tutor Mode, the student must be very careful regarding Exams since the system will detect if they exit out and click on a different step before completing the exam.

In this case it appears the student did not retake the exam the second time after clicking on “Retak for Extra Credit.”

In the future, students need to either retake the exam after clicking on ‘Try Again for Extra Credit’ or click ‘Continue’ to save the exam score and not go through Exam Recovery.  This will complete the Exam step.

Video Spontaneously Restarting May Indicate a Struggling Student

Videos may be restarting due to loss of connection to the internet or Wi-Fi – See Section Solutions for video Issues.”

The video restarting may also be a sign that your student is struggling with the material in a course. If a student enters multiple wrong answers to a question the system will either restart the video or play another video on the same topic. Students may try to keep going in a course even though they might not fully understand the material. This may cause a student to become discourage, because they cannot break a never-ending cycle.

To determine if your student is struggling, you can do the following steps:

  1. Sign into the parent interface.
  2. Select the students name – Score – Course – review the last problem step that was completed by the student.
  3. Review the steps to see if your student has entered more than one wrong answer to a problem and if they’re watching multiple help videos.

Possible solutions:

Students have the ability to gain extra help through the help tab. This provides resources like extra help videos, the course may also include an on-screen textbook, and have short problem solving Help Videos that help explain how to do a particular kind of problem. Students can access these by logging into the student interface.

Solutions for Video Complications

Software Configuration – There may be a problem with an incorrect software configuration. Students are welcome to use the latest versions of major browsers, however we recommend using the Acellus App. Make sure to check out the Technical Specifications page to be sure that the devices your student is using to access their courses is using supported software. Also, check to make sure your student is using the latest version of the App.

Browser’s cache is filled up – To minimize loading and buffering times browsers will often cache up on data. If students watch multiple videos, the browsers they are using may cache up more data than their computers can hold and still function smoothly. If this happens the videos may not play, therefore allowing performance to suffer. There are a few steps you can take to make sure your browser is not filled up.

    • Clear the browsers Cache – To find the instructions to do this, search by doing a quick search on the search engine you’re using.
    • Try using a different browser
    • Reboot the computer
    • Use another device to access courses

*Note: If you are using the Acellus App, clear the cache on Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer for Windows, on Safari for Mac or iOS, or on the native browser for other devices.

Network/Internet connection problems – If you are using Wi-Fi in your home, we recommend that you optimize your Wi-Fi:

  • Use 802.11n wireless for the client computers.
  • Use high-quality wireless hardware. Check for interference using the tools provided on your access point.
  • Make sure your student’s work area is close to your access point.
  • Make sure to avoid mounting the access point close to fluorescent lights, microwaves, other sources of electrical interference.
  • Use WPA2 with AES security.

If you’re still having issues after implementing these suggestions, you may be experiencing interference from other access points. Contact your Internet service provider.

Video issues can also be caused by insufficient bandwidth. If possible, be sure that you have sufficient bandwidth to handle the number of students who are using Acellus in your home. (Each video stream is approximately 300 Kbps. Typically, an online user plays video 50% of the time.)

Student May Only Log in Once at Any Given Time

Students will receive this message if they are attempting to sign into Acellus in two different locations. Students may try to do this to get ahead in their school work. Acellus does not allow students to be logged in more than once at any given time. When students try to log in to Acellus a second time, their first session is automatically logged out. They are then informed that they have been logged out when they get to the next step in a course. For example, this could be when they enter an answer, or finish a video.

If you’ve double checked to make sure the student is not logging in on more than one device or tab and the problem is still occurring, it could be due to a Network issue. Please see “Network/Internet Connection Problems” under “Why doesn’t the video play”. (Above.)

Trouble Shooting – Parent Interface

Finish Set Up Process for Soft tokens and installing app

To finish the setup process you will need to sign in as a parent.  First, you will need to install the Acellus App on your computer or device. Once installed, launch the app and select the option to sign in as a parent. Select the option to create a GoldKey or a soft-token and enter the same email address that you used when setting up your parent account. You will need to create a PIN, which should be a password that you can remember.

Be sure to use the same email address you setup your Acellus account with.

Once you are signed into the parent account, click on ‘Manage Account’ and you will be given the option to complete the setup process.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.  You are welcome to give us a call at (800) 941-8100 if you need additional support.

How to reset the PIN for a Soft-Token

To reset your PIN, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Acellus App
  2. Select Parent/Teacher Sign-In
  3. On the PIN Prompt, select “Forgot your PIN”?
  4. Enter a new Pin, twice.
  5. Enter your phone number
  6. Select either voice call or text message.
  7. Select the Send Code Button
  8. Enter the verification code you are sent and submit it.
  9. Upon completing all of these steps, your new PIN has been set and you will be signed into the Parent Interface.
How to Verify Your Identity When your Phone Number is changed

If you have a new phone number, you can select an alternative verification method. (email or security questions.)

Install Acellus App to Correct Missing PIN Prompt

This problem may occur if the latest version of the Acellus app is not on your device. Please download and install the app

Soft-Tokens Must be created on Each Device Where a Parent will sign in

Soft tokens only work on the device they were created on. A new soft-token must be created on each device you’d like to sign in on. A message will appear when you attempt to log in on a device that does not currently have a soft-token set up on it. Select the option to create a new soft token and proceed using the same email address you used to subscribe to Power Homeschool.