Giving Homeschool Students a Head Start in STEM Careers

Online STEM Program

A science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education teaches students future-proof skills and prepares them for in-demand careers. STEM careers are projected to grow more than two times faster than non-STEM occupations by 2031.

Starting an online STEM education has many benefits for students, such as:

  • Developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills, creativity and curiosity
  • Having access to flexible, individualized, self-paced courses
  • Enjoying a well-rounded, high-quality education that prepares them for the future
  • Engaging in fun and exciting hands-on learning opportunities

The thinking skills students develop with a STEM homeschool curriculum also help them excel in non-STEM subjects, like language arts.

About Acellus® STEM-10

One of the many major advantages of Power Homeschool is the opportunity for students to access the Acellus® STEM-10 program. STEM-10 is a 10-year program that is engineered to prepare more students for high-demand STEM-oriented careers immediately after high school. The STEM-10 program begins in elementary school and continues through high school, building on knowledge gained in previous years and increasing in difficulty with each grade level.

Professional STEM Instruction in Your Own Home

Power Homeschool students can engage in self-contained instruction that does not require the parent to be an expert in STEM-related subjects. STEM-10 provides integrated video lessons taught by professional instructors. The courseware is self-paced and can adapt to student’s individual learning needs, enabling a tailored experience for all skill levels.


Built on the realization that coding is a fundamental ability needed by all students, the STEM-10 program begins at the elementary level, usually in the 3rd grade. When students reach high school the program splits into three career-oriented paths to prepare students for college or careers in the specialty STEM area of their choice.

Here’s an overview of a student’s first three years in the Acellus® STEM-10 program:

First Year: Introduction to Coding

STEM-10 begins with the Introduction to Coding course. During this course, students learn coding basics with Blockly. Blockly allows students to use a visual editor to learn coding — a fun and accessible way to practice the fundamentals.

Students are also introduced to Cellus Bot in the program’s first year. Cellus Bot is a programmable robot that allows students to see their coding skills in action. Students start by learning how to control the robot in a simple way, such as making the robot light up. As the lessons progress, students program the robot to perform more advanced motions, like dancing — sure to make your child smile and feel proud.


Second Year: JavaScript

JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages in the world. JavaScript skills build the foundation of software engineering and web development careers, among others. In their second year, STEM-10 students learn how to code with JavaScript. They also apply their programming skills with AC-D2, an advanced dancing robot.


Third Year: Electronics and Coding

In the third year, students learn the basics of electricity and coding for electronics. Your child will continue to build their JavaScript skills as they learn about circuit boards, electrical current, electric motors and other topics. This course combines fundamental electronics concepts and coding to show how they are applied in the real world.

Hands-on Learning With Acellus STEM Robots

You can purchase the optional Cellus Bot and AC-D2 robots through the Acellus® store to generate excitement about your child’s STEM courses. While each STEM course is self-contained and may be entirely completed using an on-screen robot simulator, a physical robot can enhance the experience and help your child understand how coding manipulates objects in the real world.

Learn more about Acellus® STEM robots below.

Cellus Bot

Students love using Blockly to program Cellus Bot as part of the Introduction to Coding course. Cellus Bot features sensors, lights and a motor that students control with their newly learned coding skills. The robot also has a laser that draws circles and shapes as it dances.

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AC-D2 is custom-designed to enhance the JavaScript course and help students master coding concepts. This robot features ultrasound sensors, several motors and LED lights. With the AC-D2 robot, students can practice programming more complex movements, including unique dances and facial expressions.

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At Power Homeschool, we’re the official provider of Acellus® online STEM courses for parents independently homeschooling their children. We’re on a mission to help parents feel empowered in creating the best homeschooling experience possible for their children. If you’re interested in an online STEM program for your elementary, middle or high school student, contact us for more information or enroll your child today.


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