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Bring your homeschool experience to life with fun and engaging elementary courses.

Middle School

Keep learning exciting with interactive courses that will help you prepare for high school.

High School

Homeschool your high school student with exciting and engaging online courses.

NEW: Dual-Mode Feature

Power Homeschool offers video-based courses in a dual-mode system. Parents can choose to have students take courses in Homeschool Mode or in Tutoring Mode.

Homeschool Mode:

Students proceed through the course in a step-by-step fashion watching a video lesson and then completing assessment problems. Students receive reviews and unit, mid-term, and final exams as they proceed through the course.  Learning gaps are assessed and filled as students move through the course concept by concept.

Tutoring Mode: 

Students can jump to any lesson to get help with a particular concept. Practice problems are provided for each lesson and exams are available for assessment.  Completed lessons are marked, and may be revisited at any time.