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Power Homeschool Services is a courseware provider. We help homeschool parents succeed by providing effective online courses for grades K-12.


Important Message – Using Acellus in Your Home

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Power Homeschool Services provides video-based Acellus® courses taught by some of America’s greatest teachers. These courses are proven. Students studying at home with our courseware have shown significant gains.


Choose from over 300 courses:

Advanced Technology for Customized Learning

Acellus® combines professionally-filmed video lessons with cutting-edge technology that identifies obstacles to learning and automatically adapts to help each student succeed.

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Tools to Help Your Student Become a Strong Writer

The all new Acellus® Writing Tutor is incorporated into student assessments to provide practice and feedback to elevate your student’s writing skills.

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Prepare Your Student for a Career in STEM

Today’s careers require science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). Acellus® is recognized as a clear leader in STEM courses. Introduce your student to STEM with practical, engaging courses in Computer Coding, Robotics, and Electronics.

Helping Your Student Excel in Acellus

To take full advantage of Acellus®, there are important considerations to keep in mind.

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How to Succeed Studying Online

Homeschool success requires discipline and good study habits.

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State Homeschooling Requirements

Learn and follow the homeschool requirements for your region.

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What Parents are Saying

  • My daughter Amber, 12 years old and going into 7th grade this year, loves the Acellus program. Her grades have improved to A’s and B’s, including her language and reading scores. She has Dyslexia and has always struggled in subjects that contain a lot of reading. Through Acellus she has learned to love reading and now enjoys reading just for fun. I have recommended Acellus and have helped several families find Acellus.

    Anna F. (Tennessee) Affiliation: Parent
  • My daughter has ADHD and some reading comprehension struggles. Typical “textbook” style curriculum drains our brains and enthusiasm. After finding Acellus, not only is she ENJOYING learning, but she is actually learning so much! How do I know? Because my 14yo is talking to us at the dinner table about American History, and in the kitchen she is explaining Physical Science, and she is reading Shakespeare because it is cool! We are so impressed!!

    Genette R. (Palm Beach County, FL) Affiliation: Parent
  • After three years of homeschooling my son, we have gone through so many different curriculums to find the right fit… The way this program teaches and goes over the subject again if it was not understood is amazing! This is such an amazing program for kids that have physical disabilities, learning disabilities, or even just want to learn more at home. WE FOUND THE PERFECT FIT!!

    Debbie C. (Oakland, CA) Affiliation: Parent
  • Two years ago, a friend of mine told me about this affordable online program for my homeschoolers.  I was hesitant at first because of we have never used an online source before for all of our homeschool needs. My sons (last year 5th grade & 8th grade) loved Acellus. The program allows YOU the parent, to see what they are learning as they engage in video lessons and questions. If you are looking for a sufficient online homeschool program, that is so affordable, Power Homeschool is what you want. Please consider trying!

    By Jerri T. (Florida) Affiliation: Parent
  • My son has really enjoyed Acellus. And that is saying a lot, he has always been my child who doesn’t like school. Thank you again.

    Tracy P. (South Carolina) Affiliation: Parent
  • The Acellus Program helped my son grow academically for the remainder of the school year. He went from failing grades to 80’s and 90’s because he was able to take his time doing the class work… Most importantly I will recommend this program to others. Acellus is an amazing program and I am 100% satisfied.

    Andrea S. (Kansas City, MO) Affiliation: Parent

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