Homeschooling is becoming a popular alternative to traditional schooling. For some families, homeschooling is by far the best way for children to get an education. If you are on the fence about homeschooling your children, we know that the decision can weigh heavily on your mind. For that reason, Power Homeschool has compiled a few reasons why homeschooling is better for some families.

1.      You Set Your Own Schedule

Some people focus best in the early morning while others prefer a later evening schedule. Traditional schools—whether public or private—generally have a similar start time. This start time isn’t convenient for children who don’t do well getting up early in the mornings.

Homeschooling also gives you the freedom to end classes when you have other commitments like doctors’ appointments. Do you want to go to the zoo on a Thursday afternoon? Stop classwork early and go! Is everyone on a roll with their lessons? Keep going for an extra hour or so. When you homeschool, there are no limits to the schedule.

Some children also need more frequent breaks than public or private schools allow. If your child loses focus, you can switch to a different activity or lesson until they can get that focus back.

2.      One-on-One Teaching Experience

For homeschooling families, gone are the days of your child sitting in a classroom with 20 other students. Kids in public schools have to share the teachers’ time with all of the other children. For some students, this isn’t an appropriate way to learn. When a particular student needs individualized instruction, homeschooling might be a better option.

With homeschooling, parents can provide their children with immediate attention. The help that homeschooled children receive can help them work through lessons more quickly than they might otherwise be able to pick up the information in a traditional classroom setting.

An additional benefit to one-on-one teaching is that the parent always knows what the student knows about each particular subject. In a large class of children, the teacher can’t as easily follow each students’ progress. Since it is easier to follow a student’s progress in a homeschooling setting, parents are better able to move ahead when children understand a topic quickly and slow things down when a student hasn’t mastered a concept yet.

3.      Family Bonding Time

When your children are away at school, you miss out on a lot of time with them. Homeschooling allows for a better parent-child bond because parents get to spend a lot more time with their children every day. You can also take this opportunity to teach your child lessons beyond academics. It is a good time to teach things like manners and personal boundaries.

4.      Children Get a Safe Learning Environment

Some children have had unsafe experiences in public and private schools. For those children, a safe learning environment is especially important, but many parents want to prevent a problem from ever arising. Bullying and sexual assault are both problems that many parents are concerned about in traditional school settings. When children are taught from the safety of home, these problems are no longer an issue.

5.      You Have Control Over the Curriculum

If you feel like schools don’t teach your children things that they truly need to know, homeschooling is the perfect opportunity for you to set the curriculum. While there will be some guidelines that you should follow, you can add in things that you feel are important. For example, homeschooling allows you to dive deeper into subjects that interest your children. You can also focus on religious studies or values that are important in your family.

You can also choose a curriculum that specializes in your child’s preferred learning style. Not only will this make learning easier for the child, but it will also make teaching easier on the parents.

There are a lot of different options for homeschooling curriculum. If you are interested in learning more about the Power Homeschool curriculum, you can contact us at 800-941-8100.

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