“We’re able to take it with us when we go, we can do it on our own time, it’s set at your own pace, and it takes all the busywork out.” – Tiffany Thompson


Thompson Family

Louisiana may be their home base, but Aidan and his parents are constantly on the go – traveling all over the country. It soon became clear that public school was not a practical option for a family with such a dynamic lifestyle. Unfortunately, homeschooling was not initially a good experience for Aidan or his mom, Tiffany. 

“We started with another homeschool program our first year and it was not a good experience for either of us. I said I would never do it again.”

Fortunately, when the time once again came where traditional schooling was not working for her family, Tiffany found Power Homeschool. 

“We knew instantly that it was so much better than what we had previously done with the workbooks and the other programs.”

Homeschooling as a general method stands out due to its versatility and the ability of the parents to set goals and tailor the learning experiences for their students. This method of education may seem overwhelming, but the Acellus curriculum provided by Power Homeschool can help by providing initial instruction, automatic assessments, and tools for parents.

“I love that it does all the grading and has the syllabus and I can check as he’s working to make sure that he’s keeping up and doing what he needs to do. We really enjoy the fact that it’s a well rounded curriculum. It not only does the grading for me which is great, I love that it has tests after every unit, it has a midterm, it has a final, they do the transcripts.”

Power Homeschool is an especially effective tool for families who live on a more dynamic schedule. Lectures are prerecorded and no live sessions are required, granting students 24/7 access and letting them learn on their own schedule.

“I do it working around our lifestyle – We’re able to take it with us when we go, we can do it on our own time, it’s set at your own pace, and it takes all the busywork out. And the fact that we travel, we don’t have to have a ton of books and workbooks to do his homeschool – it’s all on the computer.”

One of the benefits of homeschooling is the ability to experiment with different schedules. Parents are free to arrange the school day in a way that is most conducive to the child’s learning.

Aidan Studying on Acellus

“We don’t actually schedule – it depends on the day. I love that he can sleep late and I can have some me time before he gets started with his schoolwork and I can get everything situated. He can get moving around, get his breakfast before school. Like today, he got up at 8 and he still had an hour before we started any schoolwork, so he was able to get his breakfast, get a shower, get a couple of chores done, and then we start our schoolwork.”

Another feature is the fact that education can be structured around family time without sacrificing quality or missing out on material. No live sessions are required and videos are prerecorded, enabling students to work on their own time.

“When Dad is home off of work, we don’t do school. So it’s really helpful for us because if he has to work for two weeks straight, we can do it 4-5 days a week, but then if he comes home, we can skip a week and spend family time with him, doing outside activities and learning about mechanics and other things like that.

Sometimes if we know like, hey we’re going to leave Thursday and be gone until Sunday, we’ll go ahead and do two or three days worth so we’re not getting behind.”

The courses provided by Power Homeschool teach about a wide array of cultures, presenting data with a fact-focused approach. The program is designed to cater to families from a variety of backgrounds and perspectives and parents are able to see what material is given to their students.

“We are a Christian family, we do have our core values. But I do love the fact that Power Homeschool is all fact-based. They do not try to persuade you in one way or another. I really like that in the science, they talk about “we believe this” or “it’s a theory. I have not seen anything that went against our beliefs or anything like that. I think no matter what religion you are, it’s a good thing to learn about all of them and where they came from and how they came about and you can see the differences and similarities in your religion vs other religions without straying away from your values.”

Another unique feature of the Acellus curriculum is the vast selection of extracurricular courses, such as STEM, foreign languages, career prep, and AP courses. Aidan says, “Last year I had engineering and it was probably my favorite subject”

His mother found great value in the Social Emotional Learning course, taught by Dr. Pajet Monet.

“I very much enjoyed the class and thought it was really good for his age group and the fact that it was teaching you to be a good person, even when no one is looking and teaching you to always do the right thing and how to cope with certain aspects of life. I loved that she was so soft spoken – I thought it was very comforting”

Homeschooling can absolutely be overwhelming, but it can be simplified with the right tools and an excellent curriculum. With the busywork taken care of, the parents are empowered to create a personalized education for their kids.

Aidan Thompson

“It’s very scary when you start homeschooling because you don’t want to fail your child. I can say that with this program, it stays up with public school. He has a cousin, who is the exact same age, in public school and they’re literally learning the same things, except he doesn’t have all the busywork. He doesn’t have all the papers everywhere and books that he has to carry around. I know some people like to pull their curriculum from different places, but I enjoy the fact that everything we need is in Power Homeschool.”

For some families, homeschooling can be the perfect solution for children that don’t succeed in a conventional public school. Although they try to accommodate a variety of needs, not every school has the resources necessary to help these students excel. At home, parents can make sure the learning environment is the best fit for their student’s needs.

“I do think that being with Power Homeschool, he’s actually retaining more than when he was in public school where he sits in a class for 8 hours a day, getting in trouble because he’s bored. With his ADD, he couldn’t stay focused. But with the short videos, he’s more likely to stay focused and get it done. When he’s doing his questions, if he needs any help there’s a lesson manual or extra help videos. So I love that it works on mastery of material and doesn’t let them move on until they actually know it. There’s all kind of tools that help learn everything.”

“He had a friend over and they said, if I was homeschooled, I would just google everything. You can’t google everything when 1, your mom is sitting right there, and 2, what do you need to google when all of the information is right in front of you. It has a lesson manual, it has extra help videos – there’s no reason to use google.”

Homeschooling is rapidly spreading across the country for many reasons, including its flexible nature. Power Homeschool is the online program providing thousands of families with the curriculum and online tools needed to truly succeed in their home education.

Tiffany says, “It’s been very helpful for us in our homeschool journey”.

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