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Investigating Careers

The Acellus® Investigating Careers course, guided by Instructor Todd Edmond, offers students a comprehensive and immersive exploration of diverse career fields, providing invaluable insights and practical skills for future success.

Course Overview

Embark on a transformative journey with the Acellus® Investigating Careers course – a comprehensive exploration of diverse career fields tailored to provide students with invaluable insights and knowledge. Guided by Acellus Instructor Todd Edmond, this course offers a detailed and immersive understanding of numerous professions, preparing students for informed decisions and success in their future careers.

Spanning various industries, the course takes students through a captivating exploration of career sectors such as: Agriculture and Natural Resources, Architecture and Construction, Arts and Communication, Business and Administration, Education and Training, Finance and Insurance, Government and Public Administration, Health Science, Hospitality, Tourism, Recreation, Human Services, Information Technology, Law and Public Safety, Manufacturing, Retail and Wholesale Sales and Service, Scientific Research, Engineering, Mathematics, Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics.

The journey begins with foundational units where students delve into managerial roles, fundamental practices, and industry-specific skills across diverse career fields. From agriculture practices to construction engineering, and from creative roles in arts and communication to the intricacies of business administration, students build a robust foundation for understanding various career paths.

In the final stretch of the course, students navigate through units focused on High School and Future Career Paths, Finances, Preparation for College and Life, Career Readiness, Career Awareness, Career Path Decisions, and various career fields. These units equip students with essential skills for career planning, financial management, and job readiness, ensuring a seamless transition to the workforce.


The Acellus Investigating Careers course aims to provide students with not only a broad perspective on the multitude of career options but also practical insights and skills necessary for their professional journey. With a culmination that includes a comprehensive review and a final exam, students are empowered to make informed choices about their future careers, equipped with the knowledge and confidence needed for success in the ever-evolving professional world. Join us on this enriching voyage through the diverse landscapes of career exploration – where knowledge meets practicality, and the future is shaped with informed decisions.


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