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As more and more families start considering homeschooling, it is imperative that families understand the laws regarding homeschooling in their state. Power Homeschool’s Guide to Homeschooling in New Jersey will help families in this state better understand what they need to do to get started while abiding by the law.

Homeschool Laws and Requirements in New Jersey

Each state has different rules regarding a parent’s ability to homeschool their children and all the laws that they must follow.

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Homeschool Groups and Support in New Jersey

Some of the best resources to help homeschool families be successful are homeschool associations, support groups, and co-ops.  

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How to Start Homeschooling in New Jersey

If you have decided that homeschool is a good fit for your family, you are probably wondering how to get started with the whole process.  

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Field Trips Available to Homeschoolers in New Jersey

The flexibility to go on more field trips is one of the many perks of homeschooling.  

Find out what New Jersey has to offer!

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New Jersey Homeschool Laws and Requirements

Each state has different laws regarding homeschooling. Before you start homeschooling, you will need to know what the regulations are in your state. Common rules include minimum education requirements for the parents, minimum number of school days, school withdraw forms, required ages for school attendance, and more. If you are seriously considering homeschooling, it is important that you know all of the New Jersey homeschooling laws.

One of the first steps to homeschooling is formally withdrawing your child from school. By formally removing your child, you can be sure that your child isn’t considered absent or truant when they aren’t showing up at school every day.



Keeping thorough records is always a good idea, whether your state requires it or not. You can track attendance, grades, assignments, progress reports, and state test scores. All of these records could be beneficial should you decide to move to a new state, enroll your child in a public or private school, or if the state laws change.

Power Homeschool offers a parent portal that allows parents to easily download any documents that they may need to prove that they are following laws in whichever state they live. This portal is online and is separate from the student portal.



Homeschool students may or may not be required to take standardized tests in the state of New Jersey. While these tests may not be required, they can help parents determine if their child is on pace with other students in public or private schools.

By taking standardized tests, you can ensure that your children are learning everything that they need to know. Additionally, these tests can be used for placement should your child ever reenter public or private schooling.



Graduation requirements for homeschoolers in New Jersey are left up to the parents. However, you still have to make sure that you are following all of the laws that New Jersey has in place for homeschoolers before your child is eligible for a diploma. Since graduation requirements are determined by each individual homeschool, parents can dole out their own diplomas.

Parents who homeschool their children in New Jersey may want to consider what their child’s plans are after high school and tailor their lessons to these goals. Look into specific colleges, technical schools, and potential employers and what their requirements are for student admission or eligibility.


Homeschool Support & Groups in New Jersey

Homeschool associations in New Jersey aim to help promote homeschooling and protect parents’ rights to home educate children. New Jersey is home to many homeschooling families, and more and more families are choosing this path.

There is one homeschooling association in the state: The New Jersey Homeschool Association (NJHA).The NJHA is a nonpartisan group that serves all homeschool families in the state regardless of race, religion, disability, or reason for homeschooling. The NJHA provides homeschooling families with support and legal information.Support groups and co-ops are also popular in New Jersey. These groups can help families with homeschooling support, legal advice, resources, and other information. Here are a few options for support groups and co-ops in New Jersey:

Support groups and co-ops are organizations often started by parents to share resources, advice, and information about homeschooling with one another. These groups also offer activities and meet-ups, which provide students and parents with socialization with like-minded individuals. Some of these groups also offer field trips and other special events.

Co-ops are typically more focused on academics; they may offer weekly learning opportunities. In co-ops, parents might alternate teaching either general subjects or have a more specific focus like STEM or fine arts.

Both of these groups can help you home educate your child based on their age and interests. Family values often come into play as well. While many groups are secular, others are based on religious beliefs. You are also free to join any of these groups that you please.

Check out our Power Homeschool Parent Support groups!

How to Get Started Homeschooling in New Jersey

If you are considering homeschool for your child, you are probably wondering how to get started. The first place to start is obviously researching the regulations in New Jersey. It is critical that homeschooling families follow all of the laws for homeschooling to prevent children from being considered truant, which could land the parents in legal trouble.

Curriculum can be a huge cause of stress for homeschooling parents. With Power Homeschool, you will receive a curriculum that aims to make the homeschooling process as easy as possible for both parents and students. Power Homeschool can help you get started on the right foot. If you have questions about our program, please call or email us.


Homeschool Field Trips in New Jersey

Field trips are often associated with public and private schools, but these outings can also be used in homeschooling. In fact, homeschool families often have more flexibility to go on field trips and can better tailor field trips into their lessons.

Here are a few field trip options for homeschoolers in New Jersey:

  • Statue of Liberty National Monument and Ellis Island at Ellis Island: More than 12 million immigrants passed through Ellis Island from 1892 to 1954. See what laid in store for these immigrants at the Ellis Island Museum and tour the Statue of Liberty.
  • Historic Village at Allaire in Farmingdale: The Historic Village at Allaire is a living history museum that you can tour to better understand life in the 1800s. Children can even see what school was like during this time period.
  • Liberty Science Center in Jersey City: Participate in science experiments at Liberty Science Center. There are activities for children of all ages in many different fields of science.
  • Monmouth Museum in Lincroft: History, science, nature, and art collide at the Monmouth Museum. Different areas of the museum are better for different age groups of children, but there is something for everything at this unique museum.
  • Monmouth Battlefield State Park in Manalapan: Monmouth Battlefield State Park is the location of one of the largest battles of the American Revolution. The park includes a restored Revolutionary War farmhouse and hiking and horseback riding trails.
  • Cheesequake State Park in Matawan: This unique park lies between the middle of the urban north and suburban south, where it lies between two different ecosystems. In the park, you will find open fields, both saltwater and freshwater marshes, Pine Barrens, a white cedar swamp, and hardwood forest.
  • Montclair Art Museum in Montclair: This art museum is home to American and Native American pieces of artwork. In addition, the museum offers educational programs to help guests explore relationships between both of these artistic traditions.
  • Bergen County Zoological Park in Paramus: Visit the Bergen County Zoological Park for the opportunity to view some of the rarest animal species in the world. While at the zoo, your student can take the time to learn about all of these special animals.
  • Terhune Orchards in Princeton: Visit Terhune Orchards for a unique experience on a working farm. Your student will learn how to seed and harvest crops. The farm also teaches about sustainability. Students can also help pick produce, which varies depending on the season.
  • New Jersey Botanical Garden in Ringwood: Explore a variety of plant species at the New Jersey Botanical Garden. You can also tour the Skylands Manor home.

These are just a few of the many field trip options in the state of New Jersey. There are more opportunities to learn about wildlife, history, culture, art, and science in New Jersey.

We hope this handy guide provides homeschool parents and students with resources and information to get started with homeschooling in New Jersey. If you have any questions about Power Homeschool’s online curriculum, contact us today!


Disclaimer: The information provided on this web page is for general information purposes only. The information provided does not constitute legal advice and may not contain the most up-to-date information.

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