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Guide to Homeschooling in Louisiana

Each state has different laws and requirements when it comes to homeschooling. Luckily, homeschool parents have plenty of resources and support to provide a successful homeschool education for their child.  Power Homeschool’s Guide to Homeschooling in Louisiana provides information and resources that can help jump start your homeschooling experience.

Homeschool Laws and Requirements in Louisiana

Each state has different rules regarding a parent’s ability to homeschool their children and all the laws that they must follow.

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Homeschool Groups and Support in Louisiana

Some of the best resources to help homeschool families be successful are homeschool associations, support groups, and co-ops.  

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How to Start Homeschooling in Louisiana

If you have decided that homeschool is a good fit for your family, you are probably wondering how to get started with the whole process.  

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Field Trips Available to Homeschoolers in Louisiana

The flexibility to go on more field trips is one of the many perks of homeschooling.  

Find out what Louisiana has to offer!

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Louisiana Homeschool Laws and Requirements

Homeschooling has been legal in all 50 states for several decades now; however, each state has its own laws and requirements. Louisiana has two options to legally homeschool children in the state. For more information about these two options, visit the Home School Legal Defense Associate.

Each option will require homeschoolers to submit attendance records to the state. Louisiana state law also requires parents to teach using a curriculum that is equal to one taught at public schools. Using a homeschool curriculum like Power Homeschool will ensure that this requirement is met.



Homeschoolers in Louisiana are required to keep several things on file, such as attendance and immunization records. However, we recommend every homeschooler keep more thorough records of their education. Parents should keep examples of coursework, lessons, and other materials, as well as progress reports and grades. High school students should also have transcriptions of the subjects that they studied. Keeping all these records on hand will help the student when they apply to college or jobs after they earn their diploma.

Power Homeschool makes it easy to keep detailed records. By using the online parent portal, you can access grades, attendance, reports, and anything else you may need to track your student’s progress and achievements throughout their homeschool education.




Louisiana homeschool students are not required to participate in standardized testing. However, some choose to take these assessments to meet verification requirements. Other homeschool parents have their students take standardized tests to track progress and provide insight into how their students perform compared to peers in public or private schools.



In Louisiana, graduation requirements for homeschoolers are up to the parents. They determine the requirements and criteria for when their students earn diplomas. Many parents choose to set requirements based on what their students want to do after graduation.

Diplomas of homeschool students in Louisiana are recognized by state departments, agencies, boards, and secondary education institutions. This means that any homeschooled student can apply to a Louisiana state college or university with their diploma.


Homeschool Support & Groups in Louisiana

When starting to homeschool for the first time, many parents often feel alone and question whether they can successfully homeschool their students. 

Luckily, homeschoolers have access to various support systems and networks of home educators. These groups not only help jump-start their homeschooling experience but also provide resources throughout each student’s homeschool journey. Homeschool associations are organizations that often provide legal advice, up-to-date homeschooling information, and other methods of guidance.

In Louisiana, there are two statewide groups: Westbank Homeschool Organization, Inc – a group dedicate to providing support and service to home educators and Homeschool Louisiana – a 501c3 non-profit Christian ministry that seeks to serve all homeschooling families in Lousiana.

In addition to associations, homeschoolers in Louisiana can join homeschool support groups and co-ops. Homeschool support groups come in many different forms, such as online forums and regular, in-person meetings. Some groups are faith-based, while others welcome individuals from all walks of life. Often, these groups will meet up for events, exchange advice and useful tips, and allow homeschool students to socialize.

In addition to support groups, co-ops offer an array of benefits. Homeschool co-ops are academic-focused groups that allow homeschoolers to engage in group learning. Often, parents will take turns providing instruction or choose to hire tutors to teach the group. Some co-ops focus on certain subjects, such as STEM, or build instruction around religious beliefs. With the array of options for homeschool support groups and co-ops, you are sure to find something that fits your family’s needs. Many of these groups have Facebook groups, making it easy to find local homeschool groups with a simple search query. The following are a few examples of the homeschool support groups and co-ops in Louisiana:

Check out our Power Homeschool Parent Support groups!

How to Start Homeschooling in Louisiana

Before deciding to make the transition to homeschool, you should do thorough research to ensure that you can meet all the requirements as well that it is a good option for you and your student. After you determine an at-home education is your next step, you’ll probably be wondering how to get started homeschooling.

Power Homeschool always recommends officially withdrawing your student from the current school, whether it be public or private. Next, you will need to create a homeschool curriculum or select a program to subscribe to. Power Homeschool is an online curriculum that provides lessons and course materials for kindergarten through twelfth grade. In addition to the curriculum, we also provide parents and students with a variety of tools and resources to be successful throughout their homeschooling journey.


Louisiana Homeschool Field Trips

Homeschoolers have much more flexibility in their schedules to go on more field trips than the average traditional classroom. Many field trip destination spots even have programs or discounted rates for homeschoolers. Louisiana is home to many educational spots, but the following are just a few examples of field trips in the state:

  • Germantown Colony Museum in Minden: This museum tells the story of German settlers who established a Christian community that endured for 40 years. Visitors can tour several original buildings and the community cemetery.
  • Northeast Louisiana Children’s Museum in Monroe: With interactive exhibits and hands-on activities, young learners are sure to find something that sparks the imagination and ignites creativity at this children’s museum.
  • Red River National Wildlife Refuge in Bossier City: Visitors can learn about wildlife species, conservation efforts, and preserving the natural habitats of the region. With various educational opportunities, this field trip offers something for the whole family.
  • Alexandria Zoo in Alexandria: This zoo provides plenty of educational opportunities for students of all ages, including special homeschool classes. Animal lovers can get up close with various species, making life science lessons come to life in the eyes of students.
  • The Children’s Museum in Lake Charles: This children’s museum is full of hands-on exhibits and programs in a safe and stimulating environment that promotes creativity and learning.
  • National World War II Museum in New Orleans: Tour exhibits highlight the role of world leaders and everyday men and women who accomplish extraordinary things through hardship.
  • Louisiana State Capitol in Baton Rouge: As the tallest capitol in the United States, the Louisiana State Capitol is full of rich state history. Guided tours are available for groups, and admissions are free, so this field trip is perfect for any history lesson.
  • New Orleans Jazz National Historical Park in New Orleans: Located in the jazz capital of the world, this National Park allows visitors to learn about the history and culture of the area.
  • New Orleans French Quarter in Gretna: Tour the French Quarter and hear the story of New Orleans during the Civil War. Learning about the most influential city during the Civil War is a great way to enhance any American history course.

Power Homeschool is pleased to offer homeschoolers tools and resources to help them throughout their home education. For more information about how you can get started with Power Homeschool, contact us today!


Disclaimer: The information provided on this web page is for general information purposes only. The information provided does not constitute legal advice and may not contain the most up-to-date information.

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