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Whether you are thinking about home education for the first time or are a seasoned homeschooler moving to the state, there are a lot of things you should know about homeschooling in Indiana.  Power Homeschool’s Guide to Homeschooling in Indiana provides various resources on how to legally homeschool your child as well as support groups, networks, how to get started, and field trips throughout the state.

Homeschool Laws and Requirements in Indiana

Each state has different rules regarding a parent’s ability to homeschool their children and all the laws that they must follow.

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Homeschool Groups and Support in Indiana

Some of the best resources to help homeschool families be successful are homeschool associations, support groups, and co-ops.  

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How to Start Homeschooling in Indiana

If you have decided that homeschool is a good fit for your family, you are probably wondering how to get started with the whole process.  

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Field Trips Available to Homeschoolers in Indiana

The flexibility to go on more field trips is one of the many perks of homeschooling.  

Find out what Indiana has to offer!

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Homeschool Laws and Requirements in Indiana

The state of Indiana has one of the first laws that mentions homeschooling. Since it was one of the earliest states to legalized home education, there are many resources that outline the laws and requirements of legally homeschooling in Indiana.

The homeschooling laws in Indiana are straightforward and easy to follow. The Indiana Department of Education and Home School Legal Defense Association are both great resources to find information about homeschooling in the state. Although it is not currently required, we always recommend formally withdrawing your student from their public or private school. Parents can also register your student with the DoE for homeschoolers. Taking these steps will avoid any potential truancy concerns by the school district.



Indiana law states that parents do not have to submit academic reports; however, school district superintendents can request records at any time. Therefore, parents should keep thorough records of everything about their homeschoolers’ education.

Power Homeschool makes record keeping easy with its online parent portal. You can track progress, download report cards, and print coursework examples through the easy-to-use app. High school transcripts for students at the ninth through twelfth-grade levels are also important to keep on file. We recommend keeping standardized test results on file, as well. Keeping records of these things will make it easier for students when they apply for college or jobs after earning their diploma.




Although traditionally schooled students in Indiana must take standardized assessments, there is no requirement that says homeschoolers must participate. Some parents, however, use standardized tests to measure their students’ progress and measure their performance compared to other students the same age.



Indiana state law does not set requirements for graduation requirements for homeschool students. Rather, these are left up to the parents. Diplomas are issued by parents who oversee the homeschool education. Homeschoolers may also take a high school equivalency exam, which may be required for eligibility for college or employment opportunities.


Homeschool Support & Groups in Indiana

One of the reasons homeschooling continues to gain momentum is the number of supportive networks and helpful resources available to homeschooling families.

Homeschool associations, support groups, and cooperatives all exist to help enhance the homeschool experience for both the parents and students. Indiana has two statewide associations that provide numerous benefits for homeschoolers in the state.

  • Indiana Association of Home Educators (IAHE) provides various services to homeschoolers, such as workshop bundles, a free magazine and podcast, and the annual homeschool convention.
  • Indiana Foundation for Home Schooling (IFHS) is a Christian faith-based organization that offers resources like college preparation, sports teams, and co-ops. The organization also hosts a graduation ceremony for homeschoolers in Indiana.

In addition to homeschool associations, Indiana is home to a plethora of homeschool support groups and cooperatives or co-ops. Homeschool support groups aim to provide advice and resources to homeschool parents. Many of these groups meet in person, while others operate mostly online. Homeschool families can also meet other homeschoolers in their area through homeschool support groups.

Homeschool cooperatives are more focused on academics than support groups. Co-ops allow homeschoolers to participate in group learning and develop skills like teamwork, sharing, and socialization. Parents or tutors usually teach these volunteer-based groups. Although many co-ops are general and cover various subjects, some are focused on a particular area, such as STEM. Other co-ops build lessons around religious beliefs or family values. With a variety of groups available in Indiana, you are sure to find one that fits your family’s needs and values.

Check out our Power Homeschool Parent Support groups!

How to Start Homeschooling in INDIANA

If you are thinking about transitioning to home education for your student, you are probably wondering how to get started with homeschool. We always recommend that you officially unenroll your students from their current schooling. You can also register your student with the Indiana Department of Education as a homeschool student, although this is not mandated by law.

Next, you will need to create a homeschool curriculum or choose one of the many programs available. Power Homeschool is an online homeschool curriculum for K-12 students. We provide parents with course materials, tools, and materials so that they can provide their students with a well-rounded home education.


Homeschool Field Trips Indiana

Field trips are a wonderful way to enhance the learning process. Students can see lessons come to life through tours, exhibits, and education opportunities. With numerous museums, zoos, and historical sites, Indiana has no shortage of field trip destinations. Some places even have special programs or admission rates for homeschoolers.

The following are just a few examples of the field trips available to homeschoolers in Indiana:

  • Foellinger-Freimann Botanical Conservatory in Fort Wayne: With various gardens and seasonal displays, students can learn about biomes, plant habitats, ecology, and so much more! Youth education tours are available for children of all ages, making this a great supplement to any life science unit.
  • Science Central in Fort Wayne: STEM lessons come to life with interactive exhibits and live demonstrations at Science Central. Homeschoolers have plenty of educational opportunities, such as STEM camps, coding clubs, and family events.
  • Midwest Museum of American Art in Elkhurst: With collections from 19th – and 20th – century artists like Norman Rockwell, young artists are sure to be inspired by the contemporary, impression, pottery pieces showcased in this art museum.
  • Indiana Medical History Museum in Indianapolis: Once the Central State Hospital, this museum now focuses on the history of medicine, including mental disease treatment, forensic science, and careers in health.
  • Indiana State Capitol in Indianapolis: Homeschoolers can learn about the history, government, and culture of their home state by touring the numerous exhibits in the Statehouse Education Center.
  • Indianapolis Zoo in Indianapolis: Animal lovers can explore species throughout numerous biomes, including deserts, forests, oceans, and plains. Field trips, zoo camps, and youth programs offer even more learning opportunities for future zoologists, conservationists, or veterinarians.
  • Indiana Caverns in Corydon: Earth science lessons will come to life with walking tours, cave exploration, and gemstone mining. With plenty of learning opportunities, students of all ages are sure to learn something new.
  • Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial in Lincoln City: Students can learn about our 16th  president’s life before adulthood and better understand how Abraham Lincoln became one of the most influential leaders of the United States.
  • WonderLab Museum of Science, Healthy and Technology in Bloomington: With interactive experience and hands-on experiences, young students will learn about sound waves, insect habitats, and much more!
  • Grouseland in Vincennes: This National Historic Landmark was home to William Henry Harrison when he was governor of the Indiana Territory. Students will learn valuable information about American history during the early 19th.

Power Homeschool is not only an online curriculum, but it also provides various resources for students to get started with our program. If you have any questions about how Power Homeschool can help you get started homeschooling, contact us today!


Disclaimer: The information provided on this web page is for general information purposes only. The information provided does not constitute legal advice and may not contain the most up-to-date information.

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