Amidst the backdrop of Lubbock, Texas, the Williams family embarked on a homeschooling journey with Power Homeschool during the pandemic. As challenges unfolded, particularly for Evie, who faced a daunting battle with a brain aneurysm, the program’s video-based learning emerged as a crucial source of support. Within their resilient homeschooling routine, therapy sessions seamlessly intertwined with learning opportunities, highlighting a transformative impact. Evie’s narrative stands as a testament to the effectiveness of homeschooling, revealing strength and resilience in the face of adversity.


Letters from a Parent: Meet the Williams Family!
Excerpts Submitted by Irene Williams, Ph.D.



Meet the Williams Family from Lubbock, Texas — Toby Williams, the father, Irene Williams, the mother, TJ Williams, a 13-year-old son with a passion for art, coding, and construction, and Evie Williams, a 12-year-old daughter who adores music, art, and reading, especially about animals.

The Williams embarked on their homeschooling journey early on, guided by the desire to shield their children from negative influences at public schools. Toby shares, “We knew we wanted to homeschool our children from the beginning. We started homeschooling with educational DVDs when they were babies. We used another program when they outgrew that one.”


Their homeschooling adventure continued to grocery store books, and eventually, online programs. It wasn’t until the pandemic that they discovered Power Homeschool through the Texas Home School Coalition. Impressed by the program’s flexibility, comprehensive curriculum, and real teacher-led video lectures, the Williams family decided to give it a try.

“We like the fact that the program has grades K-12 and career & technical education. The curriculum has the core education courses and extracurricular courses to supplement their learning,” Toby explains.

“We wanted a curriculum that also had lectures from real teachers and the videos are helpful in learning the content. The program also has exams and help resources for extra learning. The price was reasonable for our family.”

TJ, the elder sibling, found his passion for the Grammar and Composition 3 and Medical Terminology courses. Irene proudly expresses, “We are excited that TJ is able to take courses related to possible career options.” Evie, on the other hand, pursued her interests in Music and Spanish, earning a certificate in Foundations of Music in April 2022.


However, life took an unexpected turn for Evie in May 2022 when she suffered a brain aneurysm, leaving her in a month-long self-induced coma. Despite the challenges, the Williams family resumed Evie’s homeschooling in November 2023 with the help of Power Homeschool’s video-based learning. Irene shares, “With our help, Evie is able to complete her homeschool again via the video-based learning on Acellus. She is able to listen and watch the videos helping her continue education and to improve her cognitive skills.”

The family’s homeschooling routine revolves around adapting to Evie’s rehabilitation therapies. They utilize therapy sessions to enhance her basic skills, turning every interaction into a valuable learning opportunity. TJ describes his typical day: “I get up, do school, eat breakfast, do a little more school, take a break, eat lunch, finish school for the day.”

In addition to online learning, TJ and Evie channel their creativity into writing short stories. The result? Published books – “Tiny Stories by Evie” and “Short Stories by TJ” – showcasing their imaginative tales. Irene mentions, “Supplemental to online learning, TJ and Evie wrote short stories each week. We turned the same three-paragraph stories that Evie had written into a published book, Tiny Stories by Evie. TJ visualized her stories and created illustrations throughout the book. “Tiny Stories by Evie” is a 30-page paperback that can be purchased on Amazon. The proceeds go toward Evie’s medical needs. TJ is also a published author. The children’s book titled Short Stories by TJ was released January 2023 on Amazon.”



Evie’s journey, marked by resilience and the support of her family, equipped with Power Homeschool curriculum, is a testament to the transformative power of homeschooling. Despite facing adversity, the Williams family has turned their homeschooling experience into a touching narrative of strength, learning, and creativity. Evie’s story exemplifies that, indeed, homeschooling works – fostering education, creativity, and healing even in the face of life’s challenges.

If you would like to learn more and help, there is a GoFundMe page created to support the Williams family with Evie’s recovery.



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