The Prosper family currently lives in China, and have just recently started their homeschooling journey. After moving to a new school district, the Prospers began seeing differences in their family, particularly in their two boys Isaac and Simon. The Prospers took the opportunity to provide the education to their children that public school wasn’t.

Leaving the Old Behind

After 20 years of being in the education field, Luke decided to leave his career behind and start his homeschool journey. After searching for a homeschool program, a friend led him to Power Homeschool, as he had a very positive experience with us. Luke saw that his friend’s children portrayed the values of emotional intelligence and a love for learning. Wanting to instill those same values into his own children, he took the plunge into Power Homeschool.

A Day in the Life

A typical day for Isaac and Simon includes three hours of core classes in the morning and three hours of electives in the afternoon. Luke gets direct access to his children’s education, influencing how disciplined they are in their studies and able to customize their learning experience. With Power Homeschool, parents get complete control over what courses their student’s take and can change them at any time. Parents also are able to dictate their student’s school schedule and customize it to their own specific needs.

“The responsibility for your children’s education belongs to you.  You know what you want for them, and there are tools to help you.  Do not be afraid.”

Luke Prosper, Power Homeschool Parent

A Customized Education

The Prosper family has discovered there is a lot of flexibility in homeschooling. For instance, they are able to dive deeper into their subjects of interest, and spend more time on the activities they like. At the moment Isaac and Simon’s area of interest is science.  They are currently preparing for the science fair, figuring out the perfect creation. In their preperation, they stumbled upon the fact that Roger Billings, the creator of the Acellus learning engine, is also a scientist and inventor.

When Isaac and Simon found this out, it opened up a world of conversation about their favorite subject. Their conversation expanded into the virtues of a scientist. Homeschooling allows you to lean more into your child’s topic of interest, and lets your children spend more time on the subjects that matter to them. It will also provide families a way to connect over their interests, provide opportunities to get into deep conversations, and instill an atmosphere that values learning.

Another flexibility that homeschooling has offered the Prosper family is being able to travel while also having access to their studies. Luke and his family have traveled to five different cities since beginning the program. Luke explains, “we can travel anywhere and not get behind—we even did a lesson while waiting in the dentist’s office.” Power Homeschool has no due dates or required log in times, and is completely self-paced. When the student logs out, no progress is lost, they can log back in and pick up where they last left off.

Power Homeschool with the Prosper Family

Engaging into the Process of your Child’s Education

Luke sees himself as the facilitator of his boy’s education, providing structure for the boys, and Power Homeschool as their teacher. When asked what his favorite thing about being a homeschool parent is, Luke replied, “I can focus on learning what I want to learn while they focus on what they are supposed to be learning. It’s a beautiful thing”. Both father and son get to study and learn together, nurturing their love for learning.

Advice for Future Homeschool Parents

Luke’s children were not getting the education he had envisioned for them. He took matters into his own hands and chose to independently homeschool his boys through Power Homeschool. In public school, he mentioned that bad habits started forming like temper tantrums and silent treatments. After making the switch to homeschool, Luke has seen his children’s love for learning grow and his son’s relationship become much closer. The Prosper family’s homeschool journey is just beginning. Luke told us if he could go back and tell himself one thing before starting, it would be “The responsibility for your children’s education belongs to you. You know what you want for them, and there are tools to help you. Do not be afraid.”

“I found Power Homeschool when I was ready for it. If you’re a parent who is concerned about the negative social influences your child is getting at school, maybe it’s time to rethink homeschooling. Power Homeschooling provides parents with a comprehensive educational system and the freedom to choose what kind of environment your child is exposed to.”

-Luke Prosper, Power Homeschool Parent

You can learn more about the Prosper family and their homeschooling journey on their tumblr blog.

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