Working parents often express their challenges in balancing their careers and homeschooling their children. This is easy to understand as a full-time job can take a parent out of the house for more than eight hours a day. However, homeschooling doesn’t have to cause additional stress for working parents. Power Homeschool’s tools can help you balance homeschooling and your job without worry.


1.      Our System Automates the Busy Work

One of the most time-consuming parts of homeschooling is planning the curriculum. With Power Homeschool, lesson plans are already created by our experienced team of educators and teachers. We have a long list of courses to choose from in the core subjects of mathematics, language arts and reading, history, social studies, and science as well as various elective categories. You can work with your student to take up to six online courses at a time. Once you select the subject your student will study, they can start working through material right away. Our homeschool curriculum is ideal for busy parents, because the lessons, assignments, and other materials are ready to go without extensive planning.

As a part of our curriculum, we offer tools for both parents and students. The Acellus Learning System automatically grades and keeps records of your student’s work. Each lesson has extra help videos for when they struggle to understand concepts.


2.      Monitor Your Student’s Work on Any Device

Power Homeschool makes it easy to see where a student is struggling, which helps parents focus their time on the areas that have the greatest impact. When you subscribe to Power Homeschool’s curriculum, you will create both a student and parent login. You can download the Acellus App to any device, making it easy to track your student’s progress, whether you’re at home or the office.

Your parent login will open the Parent Interface, which lets you view your student’s grades, reports, and goals. Parents can also access the Live Monitor tool. This tool allows you to view your student’s progress in real-time. You can see when your student is on track or needs help understanding a lesson or working through a problem. The Live Monitor tool will notify you if your student is struggling, so you can provide them with the assistance that they need.


3.       Students Learn Independently with Professionally Filmed Video Lessons

Each Power Homeschool course is taught with engaging video lessons that bring the subject matter to life. The video instruction will let your student learn independently while you are at work. There are also many different resources that your student can use like extra help videos if they aren’t understanding a concept. These tools equip students with many resources that allow them to work through material on their own and ask their parents questions as they come up. Many parents report that their students have become much more independent about their schoolwork with our course structure and resources.

Since you can select courses that are interesting to your student, their curriculum can focus on things that they actually enjoy. Of course, there are state regulations that require certain subjects to be covered. However, students develop more independence around their schooling when their curriculum focuses on their interests.


4.      Self-Paced Curriculum That Fits Your Family Schedule

Flexibility is one of the biggest benefits of homeschooling. However, if you are a working parent, it may be difficult to balance the demand of work and homeschool. The Acellus Learning System uses a self-paced course structure that helps both parents and students.

Each course is designed for students to work through lessons at their own rate. A self-paced structure gives you total freedom to plan schooling around your family’s schedule. Therefore, your student’s school schedule can be changed based on when you work. Your student can complete lessons in the evenings or weekends, as well. Another option is having your student work through material while you’re at work. If they have questions, you can set aside certain times of the day to address these concerns as well as touch base regarding your child’s progress. Deciding on a routine that best fits your family’s needs may take some time, but the flexibility of homeschooling means that you have many different options to try.


5.      Short, To-The-Point Lessons That Free Up Time

Busy work is not equivalent to rigor. Power Homeschool’s lessons are designed to cover each concept in depth without any wasted time or busy work. Students spend just as much time on a lesson as they need to master the concept. This structure often means students spend much less time completing lessons, freeing up time for other educational experiences and activities.

The short lesson structure that we use in each course is beneficial to working parents because their student does not need to spend as much time working through material as they would spend in a traditional classroom setting or other homeschooling method. Less time spent working on lessons means that you have even more flexibility within your family’s schedule.

Working parents can successfully homeschool their students just like families who have at least one full-time stay-at-home parent. Power Homeschool’s curriculum can equip any working parent with unique resources and tools to provide their child with a positive homeschooling experience.

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