12th Grade Homeschool Program


Power Homeschool is an online homeschool curriculum for K-12 students. Our high school program is designed specifically for ninth through twelfth grade level students to keep them engaged and excited towards the end of their homeschool education. We provide many different courses that introduce more specific subject areas than students learn in prior courses. This allows them to acquire broader and deeper knowledge about topics and subjects they are interested in.

Our goal at Power Homeschool is to equip both parents and students with a homeschool curriculum that nurtures positive learning experiences. In twelfth grade, students continue to build off what they learn in prior courses while learning material that will prepare them for careers or areas of study.

12th Grade Homeschool Courses

Our high school curriculum includes courses in mathematics, language arts, science, social studies and history, foreign languages, career and technical education, health, and fine arts.

Each course has specific learning objectives to ensure all students who take the course learn the same material. Twelfth grade students can take up to seven courses at a time. We recommend that students take a combination of core subjects and electives, such as foreign languages or fine arts.

We offer various course options under each subject. For example, students can not only pick from Algebra, Geometry, or Calculus under mathematics, but they can also take advanced placement or honors options, as well.

Career and Technical Education is available to students, so they can gain exposure to various career paths that they may not otherwise cover in core subjects. Power Homeschool high school curriculum also includes foreign languages, fine arts, and health to give students a more well-rounded homeschool education.

    12th Grade Homeschool Experience

    Power Homeschool integrates the Acellus Learning System into all courses to offer each homeschool student a personalized learning experience. Students work at their own pace to progress through lessons and complete coursework. Our courses include video lectures, practice problems, reviews, and exams as well as extra help videos that students can reference when they have trouble working through difficult problems or lessons.

    Power Homeschool collaborates with highly qualified educators to create video courses that are engaging and interesting to students of all ages.

    Students access their courses on the Acellus app with their student login. The student interface is easy to use and lets students review their work, track progress, and set goals. Since everything is available through the app, students can complete assignments and coursework as long as they have Internet access.

    The structure of Power Homeschool courses combined with various resources and tools give students the support they need to be successful in their homeschool curriculum.

    Parent Involvement

    When students reach the twelfth grade level, they are independent and have developed strong habits. Therefore, these students do not require as much involvement from their parents. However, we still provide many different resources to parents that help them assist their students when necessary.

    When parents enroll their students in Power Homeschool, they receive parental logins through the Acellus app. On the app, parents track their students’ progress, grades, and goals. The Live Monitor tool notifies parents when their students are struggling with lessons or problems.

    The resources available to students and parents allows for a balance between parent involvement and student independence. Contact us for more information about how parents help their students with Power Homeschool’s online curriculum.

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