1st Grade Homeschool Curriculum

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1st grade homeschool curriculum
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Tailoring Education With Homeschool 1st Grade Online

We at Power Homeschool recognize that each child is unique. Our online learning platform was developed with this purpose in mind—to let you match your child’s education to their interests and skill set. Customizing the surroundings to your child’s requirements gets rid of the universal teaching strategy used in conventional institutions. Whether your kid is ready to move on to a new topic or needs more time to learn the fundamentals, they may learn at the speed that suits them best.

Use our online homeschooling program to guide your child’s education. You can fit in studying whenever it’s convenient for you thanks to our flexible timetable. Even if you’re on the go, your child can continue their education with our Acellus® courses, accessible anywhere with an internet connection.

1st Grade Homeschool Program

Power Homeschool provides a comprehensive homeschool curriculum tailored for both parents and students. First grade is a critical time in a child’s education when they develop critical learning habits and set the foundation for future academic achievement. For this reason, our program strives to provide first graders with engaging learning opportunities. Their innate curiosity will be encouraged and a love of learning will be fostered by this program.

Students in Power Homeschool’s program can enroll in up to seven courses at a time with options available in the core subjects of language arts and reading, mathematics, science, and social studies, as well as several different electives. Power Homeschool prepares students with early concepts that lay the foundation for more advanced concepts they will learn throughout their homeschool education.

1st grade homeschool program

Power Homeschool — Pioneers in Homeschooling Programs for the 1st Grade

As the official provider of online Acellus® courses for parents looking to independently homeschool, our mission is to help and support all homeschooling families with a vast selection of resources to meet their unique needs. Power Homeschool allows you to choose from hundreds of courses your child can complete at their speed and your chosen schedule. We empower parents to provide quality education from grades K-12 with specific and professionally filmed video courses accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.

Our Acellus® courses are more than an online learning tool — they are a testament to our commitment to innovative education. Our courses create an interactive and engaging environment for 1st graders to thrive, with professionally filmed video lessons catering to various learning styles. Prism Diagnostics® and Vectored Instruction™ enhance our courses, ensuring every student receives personalized instruction and masters foundational skills.


Prism Diagnostics®

Prism Diagnostics® identifies specific deficiencies in students’ understanding of core concepts and responds immediately with Customized Personal Instruction (CPI) videos for that precise deficit. The result is that every student receives personalized instruction – right at the moment when they need it most.


Vectored Instruction™

Vectored Instruction™ enables students to master foundational skills they are missing that are prerequisites to success in their current course of study. Vectored Instruction fills in the gaps while keeping students within their credit-level course, enabling them to complete their coursework with passing grades and get on track for graduation.

1st grade homeschool courses

1st Grade Curriculum Overview

  • Language Arts and Reading: In first grade, students develop their English literary skills of reading and writing. This includes learning how to spell common words, sound out syllables, and differentiate between vowels and consonants. Grade 1 Language Arts and Reading introduces sentence structure and parts of speech, as well.
  • Science: First graders are often very curious about the natural world, such as plants and animals. Grade 1 Science introduces students to habitats, life cycles, earth’s resources, and more!
  • Mathematics: Grade 1 Mathematics, students learn addition and subtraction through the number 20, whole number relationships and place value, linear measurement, and geometric shapes. All of these lessons help first grade students establish a strong mathematical foundation that sets them up for success in their future math courses.
  • Social Studies: In our first grade social studies course, students learn about various communities, celebrations, holidays, and more! Grade 1 Social Studies develops the students’ understanding of societal norms.

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The 1st Grade Homeschool Experience

Our captivating courses are designed to ignite a love of learning in first graders as they begin their educational journey. Since many sophisticated topics are being introduced to students for the first time at this point, we create engaging courses that encourage and excite all students. These consist of engaging video lectures and tasks created by knowledgeable teachers.

Because each Power Homeschool course is self-paced, students can go at their own pace and spend as much time as necessary to understand a subject before moving on to more difficult material. A personalized learning experience with extra practice questions, quizzes, and instructional films is beneficial to each and every learner. Our age-appropriate app makes it simple to access our online homeschool courses.

While the idea of homeschooling independently might seem overwhelming, Power Homeschool simplifies the process with a comprehensive curriculum for grades pre-K through 12. With our state-of-the-art Acellus® courses, you don’t need to be an expert in every subject. Our courses feature pre-recorded videos by top teachers from across the country, eliminating busywork so you can focus on creating a positive and enjoyable learning environment.

Parent Involvement in Homeschool for 1st Graders

You become a teacher, a guide, a support system, and the person who knows your child the best when you homeschool. You possess the exceptional capacity to customize daily timetables and course choices to match their energy levels and learning preferences. Your experiences provide priceless lessons, but above all, you provide them the support they require when things are hard, enabling them to develop the self-assurance and abilities needed for success in school and beyond.

Parents may access a range of materials through Power Homeschool, which includes the Acellus® Learning System. Parents may use this system to keep track of their children’s development and attendance, set objectives, and keep grade and GPA records.

Our courses incorporate a Live Monitor tool, enabling parents to view their child’s work and receive alerts if their child is struggling with a particular concept. This tool allows parents to assist their children when they face difficult lessons or problems. This added support is particularly advantageous for parents of 1st graders, ensuring their students thrive in their educational journey. Discover more about the parent experience with Power Homeschool’s online curriculum.

Why Choose an Online 1st Grade Homeschool Program?

Online schooling is on the rise, with an estimated 3.13 million K-12 students in the U.S. in the 2021-2022 school year. With Power Homeschool, you can access professionally taught classes while maintaining the flexibility and control of a self-paced program.

Tailored Education

A key advantage of a first-grade homeschool curriculum is the ability for families to tailor courses to their child’s unique interests and skills. With homeschooling, parents can adjust the pace of each course to ensure their first grader fully comprehends each concept before advancing.

This customization also allows parents to recognize their child’s interests and provide additional materials to nurture those interests. These adjustments help first graders build a solid foundation in core subjects, setting them up for future success.

Adjustable Scheduling

Using a homeschool curriculum, parents can design a timetable that suits their family’s needs. Families can create a schedule that maximizes their 1st grader’s most productive periods, whether that is a traditional morning start or later in the afternoon.

Additionally, this makes it possible to include educational field trips and extracurricular activities in the daily schedule which can be important in keeping 1st graders engaged. To learn more about the field trip opportunities in your state, check out our state resources.

Independence and Critical Thinking

Homeschooling from an early age fosters independence in children and encourages them to take ownership of their education. They learn to think independently, engage in scheduling, develop skills, and express their interests. Your child will also cultivate self-discipline to complete their assignments—a crucial skill that will benefit them throughout their school years and future career.

A Safe Environment

With a first-grade homeschool curriculum, parents can create a safe, supportive, and distraction-free learning environment for their child. This setting can significantly reduce the stress and anxiety some children experience in traditional classrooms, enhancing focus and academic performance.

Additionally, this environment helps to prevent bullying and negative outside influences that can hinder a young first grader’s progress. In the secure setting of homeschool, parents can feel confident that their first grader is thriving in a safe space and developing self-confidence.

Developing Family Bonds

In first grade, maintaining strong family bonds is crucial. Homeschooling naturally strengthens these bonds as children spend more time with their parents. This close connection not only enhances academic learning but also fosters social skills and emotional intelligence through constant interactions and shared experiences.

Moreover, this approach keeps parents more involved in their children’s daily lives. No longer will you have to ask, “What did you learn today?” and hear the dreaded, “I don’t know.” Instead, you’ll be an integral part of their learning journey.

Are You Ready to Start Homeschooling Your 1st Grader?

The first grade is an opportunity to create a positive association with learning. Power Homeschool provides the freedom and flexibility to give your child the best possible education. Our leading homeschooling platform supports and empowers parents to provide a quality education from the first grade onward.

Every family is unique, and homeschooling should fit your lifestyle and boost your child’s discipline. With access to hundreds of Acellus® courses and innovative technology at your fingertips, you can transform the homeschooling experience. What are you waiting for? Enroll now and experience the Power Homeschool difference today!

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