5th Grade Homeschool Program


Power Homeschool’s online program offers homeschool courses to K-12 students. Fifth grade is often a time of transition for children, so it is important to foster a safe learning environment that nurtures their strengths and encourages them to explore new areas of interest.

Our fifth grade curriculum consists of the four core subjects: mathematics, language arts and reading, science, and social studies. We encourage our fifth grade students to enroll in at least one of our elementary elective courses to gain exposure to different subjects, including coding, engineering, ecology, and music.

5th Grade Homeschool Courses

The following is a brief overview of what our students learn in fifth grade level courses:

  • Language Arts and Reading: In fifth grade, students develop their English literary skills of reading and writing. This includes learning how to spell common words, sound out syllables, and differentiate between vowels and consonants. Grade 5 Language Arts and Reading introduces sentence structure and parts of speech, as well.
  • Science: Fifth graders are often very curious about the natural world, such as plants and animals. Grade 5 Science introduces students to habitats, life cycles, earth’s resources, and more!
  • Mathematics: Grade 5 Mathematics, students learn addition and subtraction through the number 20, whole number relationships and place value, linear measurement, and geometric shapes. All of these lessons help fifth grade students establish a strong mathematical foundation that sets them up for success in their future math courses.
  • Social Studies: In our fifth grade social studies course, students learn about various communities, celebrations, holidays, and more! Grade 5 Social Studies develops the students’ understanding of societal norms.

Fifth grade students have access to our six elective courses, as well. Power Homeschool offers electives to help students explore topics of interest that are not covered in core subjects, such as coding, engineering, music, and ecology.

    5th Grade Homeschool Experience

    Power Homeschool uses the Acellus Learning Accelerator to offer each student a personalized learning experience. The tools that are integrated into each course ensure that students get extra assistance when needed while progressing through courses at their own pace.

    Each course includes video instruction, practice problems, reviews, and extra help videos. Students access all these materials through the Acellus app with their student login information. With resources and interactive materials, we hope to provide a learning experience that encourages students, not only in fifth grade but throughout their education.

    Parent Involvement

    Fifth graders often crave independence; however, when it comes to homeschooling, they still require a lot of guidance. Power Homeschool parents have access to a lot of resources and tools to help their students succeed, while still giving them enough space to nurture their innate curiosity.

    Parents can review work, evaluate progress, and track “attendance” through the parent portal on the Acellus app. The Live Monitor is another great resource because it notifies the parent when a student is struggling with a concept, so they can receive extra help. Parents and students can communicate through the app, allowing for seamless communication around the students’ education. Learn more about how parents help their students with Power Homeschool’s online curriculum.

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