11th Grade Homeschool Curriculum

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11th Grade Homeschool Courses

The wide range of options lets students select courses that they are interested in and teaches them subjects that they otherwise may never be exposed to.

Most of our high school courses are not specific to a grade; therefore, they are open to any students at the high school level. For parents who want to learn more about specific course objectives, visit our course overview.

We encourage parents to work with their students to select courses that they are interested to learn more about. Students can take up to six courses at once. We suggest that students select a mix of core subjects and electives. For example, a well-rounded curriculum may look like this: Pre-Calculus, American Literature, Honors Physics, Psychology, Spanish III, and Medical Terminology.

    11th Grade Homeschool Experience

    Power Homeschool uses the Acellus Learning System, which gives each student a unique learning experience. The course structure allows students to work through material at their own pace, while spending more time on difficult problems or concepts. The lessons will also prompt extra help videos when students struggle understanding lessons. Each course has video lectures, practice problems, reviews, and exams integrated into the lesson.

    Students access their online courses through the Acellus app with their student login. They can also track progress, check grades, and set goals for themselves. Since everything is online, they can complete coursework wherever they have Internet access. These resources and tools allow to practice independence when it comes to their education.

    Parent Involvement

    Power Homeschool is a homeschool curriculum for both parents and students. As high school students get older, they require less assistance from their parents. However, we still provide many different tools and resources to empower parents to help their students.

    By signing into the Acellus app, parents can track progress, view reports, and evaluate goals. The Live Monitor tool alerts parents when their students come across challenging problems. These tools and resources allow parents to help their students while giving them space to learn on their own. Contact us for more information about how parents help their students with Power Homeschool’s online curriculum.

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