Introducing New Flexible Pricing: Starting at $10/month


We’re excited to announce new flexible pricing options from Power Homeschool.

In addition to serving homeschooling families, we are reaching more and more families that have students enrolled in a traditional school while using Power Homeschool to brush up on skills and to get ahead.

Most of these students only need help in one or two subject areas. Some parents have shared with us that it would helpful if we offered options to purchase fewer than six courses.

In response to this feedback, we are excited to announce two new programs. As shown below, Power Tutoring provides access to a single course, while Power Tutoring Plus includes access to two courses.

We will continue to offer access to 6 courses for $25/month. This option provides the best value and is ideal for homeschooling families that need a complete curriculum.

For a detailed comparison of each program, please visit our new pricing page:

We hope that by offering more flexibility, we can better serve your needs. Please take a moment to share your thoughts and feedback by writing a comment below.

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  • Justin

    Thanks for the option! We use 6 courses right now but definitely appreciate the flexibility in the future.

  • Brittany Woodman

    What worldview does your curriculum hold, secular or biblical?

  • Daniel P. Tobin

    In order for Mom to get a scholarship for Acellus, She had to check it out with Me for the 1 month. This price helped check it out a lot👍👍👍❤❤❤

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